New eBook coming soon! Shaykh Saalih ibn Fawzan al-Fawzan - Friday Sermon - The Response of the Muslim Against the Plots of the Kuffaar

A Excellent reminder to keep by your side when the kuffaar begin their attacks on the Prophet, Islaam and the Muslims

Shaykh Fawzan said:

"Certainly these are from the actions which please the disbelievers and they want to arouse the Muslims to be uncivilized people. They will (begin) to say (look) these Muslims are barbarians (look) these Muslims kill and murder (look) these Muslims destroy buildings and embassies."

"This is what they desire by their actions, while they are aware (at the same time) they do not suspect that they are harming the Prophet (peace be upon him) or Islaam. They only want to arouse the Muslims to behave as uncivilized people and also that they change to becoming the most unruly people. It is not permissible to respond to evil with evil, but we only respond to evil with the truth, we only respond to evil with inviting and calling to that which is better, with wisdom and good exhortation and debating in a manner which is best."